Modern looking bathroom with a glass shower
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Sinks & Vanities

unique & distinctive

A custom designed sink or vanity has the ability transform your daily routine into an experience. No matter your specific need or space limitations, our concrete can be crafted into any size or shape to match your aesthetic. Whether you’re going for that signature look or something more traditional, concrete sinks are the perfect solution.


Helpful Facts

  • Material: High performance lightweight concrete
  • Thickness: Customizable (standard is 1 ¾”)
  • Weight: 14 pounds per square foot at 1 ¾” thick (Installed)
  • Look: Variation and random markings are natural characteristics (Color Variation)
  • Upkeep: With basic care, countertops are built to last (Care & Maintenance)
  • Local: Templated and installed
  • Out-of-state: Built to spec and shipped
  • Durable & distinctive
  • Handcrafted "earth-friendly" designs
  • Standard & Custom Options
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain & scratch resistant
  • Lightweight fiberglass reinforced concrete
  • Made in USA